A War I Never Asked For... Megan Stephenson

ISBN: 9781468058338

Published: February 17th 2012


113 pages


A War I Never Asked For...  by  Megan Stephenson

A War I Never Asked For... by Megan Stephenson
February 17th 2012 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 113 pages | ISBN: 9781468058338 | 5.35 Mb

The balance is about to tip…Fighting to hide the truth of her family, to keep her sister safe, to squash her feelings for Luke… She never asked for this war. Carter wishes she could live a normal life, but she’s too busy trying to hide the fact that her mother’s an alcoholic who brings home guys every night and taking care of her four year old sister Regan. Her life is in a steady, if not a little sad balance of dropping Regan off at preschool, heading to high school, and then heading back to pick Regan up so they can head home to a mother who forgets to care.

One morning, though, the balance begins to tip in the wrong direction.Her mother brings home Cole… and he’s the worst guy yet.Through a before school encounter with her mom’s new boyfriend, Carter knows that there’s something not right with him. She’s worried. Can she protect Regan? Can she protect herself?Another day of after school detention, and the balance tips again…Because there she meets Luke, the eternal bad boy that she probably shouldn’t get with. This time, Carter isn’t sure which way the balance has tipped, and her life has just been thrown into a battle of protecting Regan and herself, figuring out what Luke means to her, and fighting to hide her home life from all who could take Regan for her.But will this battle end in a happily ever after, or would evil triumph?

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