Puzzle Pieces: Wager (Archangels Creed #3.1) Kenra Daniels



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Puzzle Pieces: Wager (Archangels Creed #3.1)  by  Kenra Daniels

Puzzle Pieces: Wager (Archangels Creed #3.1) by Kenra Daniels
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 61 pages | ISBN: | 4.29 Mb

This novella is the first installment in the new Archangels Creed Supplemental Series, Puzzle Pieces!*warning: explicit sex and graphic violence*Nearly twelve years before the beginning of the Archangels Creed Mission, in a small private laboratory somewhere in the United States, a genetic engineer finds success with the birth of an animal unlike any other.In his never-ending search for opportunities to exploit, Satan’s top Lieutenant, Socerith, learns of the animal and before long, finds a way to turn the entire operation to Satan’s benefit.

Socerith’s plot unleashes an abomination on mankind in a horror unlike anything that’s gone before.Join Annie, Jason, Tina and Cutter as they become pawns in a plot of unimaginable magnitude!Archangels Creed Puzzle Piece 1: WagerJason hates his dead-end job feeding animals and cleaning up shit, but it’s better than the other dead-end jobs in a dead-end town.

Always looking for a way to something better, he leaps when opportunity knocks. Will his deal with the Devil unleash Hell on Earth and curse his blood forever?ARCHANGELS CREED readers are accustomed to this phenomenal series crossing boundaries and beating down barriers. Prostitution. Drug abuse. Religious corruption. Prejudice. Racism. Organized crime. No issue is out of bounds, nothing is too controversial and no subject is taboo for this groundbreaking series.And now, yet another line has been crossed.The answers to all your questions!Well, not all, maybe, but the ones about Archangels Creed, anyway.

We’ve had a lot of comments and questions recently about various aspects of the series, things we simply couldn’t cover in the novels because of space. From our initial idea for a single novel, this plot has become monumental, and the thing just keeps evolving.Twelve full-length novels are absolutely not enough to even begin doing justice to the story. During the “Summon Toren” Release Party, we announced we were working on a supplemental series to Archangels Creed.

Since then, that idea has developed into two completely different supplemental series!Now you’ll get to spend more time with your favorite characters, meet new ones, and have your questions answered and discover new ones to ask!Puzzle Pieces and Close Ups:First, The Archangels Creed Puzzle Pieces will give readers insight into the Enemy’s overall plans and the Archangels’ plans to combat them. This series of novellas will give glimpses of the hearts and minds capable of such depravities, and the impact on those who carry out the plans.

You’ll meet the masterminds, the go-betweens, the demon Over Lords and the human pawns, as well as some of the monsters themselves.The AC Puzzle Pieces will be filled with clues about both sides in the battle. What are their weaknesses and strengths? What vulnerabilities can be used against them? Find out where the whole thing originated, where it’s going, and what will happen in between.The Archangels Creed Close Ups give a look at what the couples involved in all the Quads do between the main segments of the mission.

You’ll see more romance, more character development, more interpersonal relationships and get to know the characters as the real, multi-dimensional people they are. Best of all, there’ll be more scorching intimate scenes.These novellas will greatly broaden the scope of the overall series plot and give a taste of what happens during downtime, as well as wrapping up details from the novels.

Some of the characters will move forward with preliminary parts of future operations and others will handle minor missions.New characters will be introduced before they move into the novels and minor plot points will be explored and developed.

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